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Tips for a Happy and well-rested Halloween

Tips for a Happy and well-rested Halloween

I am really looking forward to Halloween this year; my son is now old enough to pick his own costume and help me decorate! However, I am also thinking “Late bedtime and late sugar rush!” – that is not a combination I look forward to. The good thing is, it’s just for one night! And there are things that you can do to be sure that your kids are well rested and ready for lots of excitement.

Try to plan ahead. Make sure that your child gets plenty of restorative nighttime sleep in the days running up to Halloween. It may also help to add in a nap on the day if it’s possible. If not, try to ensure that your child has some quiet time to recharge, before all of the fun starts.

Now to prepare for the sugar intake. I know that it can be very tempting to let our kids enjoy their new sweets. However, sugar has been shown to contribute to hyperactivity and can lead to poor quality sleep. Try to limit your child’s consumption to one sweet the night of, and then put the rest away for another day. There may be some push back, but it will be worth it for everyone!

A couple of years ago, my thinking was very different. I was horrified by the thought of Halloween! I was so worried about kids waking my baby up or preventing him from falling asleep! To avoid this issue – Use a white noise machine, this will help mask any potential disturbances and help your baby settle to sleep easier. You could also put a bowl of sweets out on the porch with a nice sign kindly asking kids not to ring the bell.

I hope this helps! Have a great night!


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