Does your family need more sleep?

I CAN HELP! I help babies, children and families get a good night’s sleep.

Exhausted? I Can Help!

I use gentle methods to help children learn the art of putting themselves to sleep. Together we can help your child enjoy peaceful and restful sleep.

No need to cry it out!

I can show you a gentle method to help you and your child get the sleep you need.

What can I help you with?

  • You dread bedtime and naptime
  • Your child wakes up several times per night
  • You rock your child to sleep and you are ready for them to gently and gradually learn some self-regulating skills
  • Naps are very challenging or non-existent and your child is often overtired
  • Bedtime is a battle that takes hours
  • You would like to night wean the breast or bottle
  • You have tried to let your child “cry-it-out” or another sleep training method that did not work for you
  • You would love your child to sleep better but you don’t want to leave them alone to cry

The list is endless…

If you have answered Yes to any of these – Please book a 15 minutre free consultation so that we can get you and your family a good night’s sleep!

My objective is to help you and your family
enjoy restful and tranquil sleep!

Personalised coaching

Children are not born knowing how to put themselves asleep, it is a skill that they must learn. I can help you gently change your child’s sleep habits so that your family can get the sleep they need. My aim is to help you feel empowered to follow your instincts so that you can recognise what works best for your family.

Gentle Sleep

I use a progressive and gentle approach to help children learn how to fall asleep without having to use the ‘Cry it out’ technique. Together we will learn the best methods to use to help reassure your child with the right amount of comfort that your presence and soothing words can offer.

Satisfied Families

I offer advice and guidance to parents to help them overcome challenges and learn how to implement gentle and healthy sleep habits. The methods I use have a 95% success rate and have been known to resolve very difficult situations.


My name is Elena, the Gentle Sleep Genie. I am a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®. I have completed Kim West’s Gentle Sleep Coach program, the most extensive and professional sleep certification program available in the world.

I understand that sleep deprivation can be exhaustin and defeating – I have been there. If you would like to improve sleep for you and your family – I can thelp. Together we can work on overcoming sleep challenges by implementing gentle and healthy sleep habits.

If you have a child that is aged between 0 months – 6 years of age and you are concerned about the lack of sleep – Please don’t hesitate to book a 15 minute consultation call and we can talk about what I can do to help your family get the sleep they need! read more


“Thanks to Elena our son now manages to sleep 12 hours at night and naps twice a day! Without her help I can imagine that we would still be rocking our baby back to sleep in the middle of the night and we would be experiencing lots of heart breaking crying every time we put him down in his cot. Now he can self soothe and settle to sleep on his own. It is a big milestone for us! Elena is very professional and patient. She helped us figure out what makes our baby wake up early and what was preventing him from sleeping. Now my baby loves his sleep! We are stress free! Thank you so much!”


– Tina, mum to 12 month old.

“We are a new family after working with Elena. She and her sleep solutions saved us! After months of dealing, on our own, with our emotional toddler and her very messy bedtime (lots of vomiting), not to mention, our preschooler who wouldn’t let us leave the room until he was fast asleep, we called Elena in desperation. We were skeptical…how could bedtime ever be peaceful?? It was so stressful and challenging!…but within weeks Elena had us all sleeping soundly, without the fights, negotiations, crying or mess!”

 Sarah, mum to 2 and 3.5 year old

Thank you thank you thank you! Elena has been such an amaing help. I had forgotten what it was like to get sleep! My 8 month old was waking multiple times per night and I was having to nurse him back to sleep throughout the night! He was waking up almost every hour. Not anymore! Elena helped show us the way to helping our boy get more restuful nights. Now he has one feed per night and wakes up far more happy in the morning.

– Sarah, mom of an 8 month old boy

When our family met baby sleep coach Elena, August’s sleep was spiralling – both at night and with day-time naps. My wife and I were discouraged, depleted, and getting scared. We chose to turn towards a more directive approach to sleep because our attachment-based, 100% response-to-his-needs was not even that effective any longer. The Sleep Lady shuffle offered a really compassionate marriage between our needs during the attachment process and consistent behavioral reinforcement. As the process unfolded, our perspective of what attachment is and could be evolved and will continue to serve us in supporting August’s development. It was definitely difficult at times, and our trust and comfort with the process were tested. In those times Elena was available – both by phone and email – with the perfect balance of encouragement and accountability. She was honest, direct, and totally supportive of our parenting needs and instincts. I would highly recommend anyone drawn to the Sleep Lady method to consult with Elena.

– Jesse and Clara, parents to 10 mo old boy

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