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Red Light, Blue Light

Research has shown that our body’s natural clock responds differently to artificial light sources. Red light is less prone to stimulate wakefulness, whereas blue light has the reverse affect.
When it comes to night lights for kids, parents tend to pick a white or blue based light source, as they feel that this colour is soothing and may help with their child’s sleep. However, biologically it could be doing the opposite.

Tips: – I would recommend that it would be better to use an ordinary light with a low-watt bulb, or a night light that is on the red colour spectrum. – A lot of children tend to spend some time in the bathroom right before bed, so have a think about your bathroom lighting, is it too bright? I like to use orange coloured, battery powered candles in my bathroom. Taking a bath in a room with soft lighting will be nice and relaxing for both you and your kids. – Try to get as much natural day light during the day as you can and when dusk begins to fall, dim the lights and change them to a more red-based light.

Keep in mind: Energy saving bulbs may be more energy efficient, however they produce a lot of blue light. You could perhaps keep the older style light bulbs for the bedrooms (as they contain less blue light) and use the energy saving bulbs for the rest of the house.

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