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How to manage time with our Kids during a global pandemic

This is all very new territory for everyone, and our little ones are picking up on everything that we are doing. Even young babies can pick up stress from us. What can we do to maintain calm and reduce anxiety during this time of uncertainty?

Flexible Routine

Now that schools are closing, create a schedule for learning, relaxing and fun! A flexible routine will help kids feel safe, as it is comforting for them to be able to predict what is coming next. Routine is important, however, flexibility and imaginative play is also good for kids.

Getting the right amount of sleep will also help to put kids in the best position to remain calm and happy.

Outdoor Time

 Stepping outside for some fresh air and sun will do some much good for the entire family. Go for a walk, scooter ride, bike ride in the open air and have chat’s with your neighbours from across the road to help support each other. Active activities will help everyone release stress and energy – It will be a great way to help kids release all that energy they have!

Your Mental Health

  •  It is important for parents to remain strong for our kids. Try to take 5-minute breaks to take a deep breath, meditate or just take a moment to recuperate.
  • Talk to loved ones about your feelings and concerns. Connect with people that you trust and feel comfortable with. You can also help others by just listening.

Helpful information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Key Facts –

Managing anxiety and stress –

How to protect your family –

How to prepare –


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