Newborn Sleep Support

Evidence has shown that it is best to leave sleep training for later on. But before 6 months, you can help create good sleep hygiene to set a strong foundation for good sleep

Who is this for?

Your baby is under 6 months and your would like to begin to support healthy sleep patterns and understand more about the science of sleep and how that affects your baby


What is included?

  • 1 hour consultation
  • Comprehensive review of your newborn’s history
  • Information on the “Basics of sleep”
  • Infant sleeping and feeding patterns
  • 4 follow up calls once per month until your baby is 5 months of age
  • Current safe sleep practices and how to create a sleep friendly environment
  • Creating bedtime and nap routines
  • Age-appropriate expectations and goals for the first few months
  • Tools and coping strategies so you can fully enjoy your time with your baby
  • Discuss any concerns that you may have