0 months - 6 years

1 Hour Phone call and 5 Days of support

Phone call

In-depth call and 5 days of texts, call or email support

Who is this for?

Your child is 0 months – 6 Years old and finding sleep challenging.

How does it work?

Please book a free 15 minute call in the top right hand corner. After our assessement call, I will send you a history form to fill in so that I can get a good picture of your baby’s health and development and day to day life. We can set up our consultation call once I have received your completed form.

After our consultation call I will support you for 5 days whilst you implement the gentle sleep plan that we will create together.



What is included?

  • 1 hour phone call consultation – During this time we discuss your child’s sleep needs and any concerns that you may have
  • Follow up email containing the next steps and a plan
  • 5 days of follow up support via phone, text or email
  • Assessment of sleep logs