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Back To School Tips

Tips on how to ensure a smooth transition back into the school routine

School is back! Going back to school can be quite an emotional time full of smiles and tears. It can often be quite an intense transitional time for all. It is a period full of changes, such as, new routines, new expectations, new friends, new teachers, less free time, less or non-existent naps etc. Quality time with parents after school and a consistent bedtime routine will all help towards your child getting a good night’s sleep.

Here are some little sleep tips:

  • If your child’s wake up time has been fluctuating a lot over the holidays, then start to wake them up a little earlier each morning until they get to the usual wake up time before school.
  • Turn off electronics and encourage calming activities for your child around 1 hour before bed.
  • Introduce or bring back a consistent and calming bedtime routine.
  • Try to start the bedtime routine nice and early in case you child starts to get tired very quickly. It helps to have them in their pyjamas and ready for bed earlier rather than later, just in case they suddenly start to feel sleepy.
  • Look out for signs of sleepiness – If your child gets over excited just before bed, then you have likely missed his sleep window.
  • Plan to keep your weekends reasonably free at the beginning of September, that way you can all catch up on some rest.
  • Some patience and lots of love and cuddles for your little one!

Please get in touch with your thoughts, experiences and questions – I would love to hear from you.

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