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For exhausted parents that need help and support.

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Hello My name is Elena, I am a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®.

My approach is designed for parents that would like their children to sleep well without them getting distressed during the process.

Together we can work on overcoming sleep challenges by implementing gentle and healthy sleep habits. My goal is to help parents gain back their confidence and well being whilst getting back some much needed sleep. Read more.

and let me help your tired family
get the sleep they need!


I believe that there is no one size fits all. I will only make suggestions that work for you and your family. My aim is to help you feel empowered to follow your instincts so that you can recognise what works best for your family.

Gentle Sleep

I use a progressive and gentle approach to help children learn how to fall asleep without having to use the ‘Cry it out’ technique. Together we will learn the best methods to use to help reassure your child with the right amount of comfort that your presence and soothing words can offer.

Satisfied families

 I offer advice and guidance to parents to help them overcome challenges and learn how to implement gentle and healthy sleep habits. My practice is evidence based and has a 95% success rate and have been known to resolve very difficult situations.

“Thanks to Elena our son now manages to sleep 12 hours at night and naps twice a day! Without her help I can imagine that we would still be rocking our baby back to sleep in the middle of the night and we would be experiencing lots of heart breaking crying every time we put him down in his cot. Now he can self soothe and settle to sleep on his own. It is a big milestone for us! Elena is very professional and patient. She helped us figure out what makes our baby wake up early and what was preventing him from sleeping. Now my baby loves his sleep! We are stress free! Thank you so much!”


How can I help

I do much more than simply fit a family and child into a formula. By educating parents on what is age-appropriate and realistic, together we create a plan based on a gentle approach. I can help with Newborn baby troubleshooting, Sleeplessness, excessive sleepiness, bedtimes that are a battle and take hours, challenging nap times, frequent night wakings, night weaning, nightmares occurring during sleep, bed transitions, jet lag and more.

New born
sleep shaping

While your baby is not ready to be taught how to sleep, there are many tools, tips and tricks you can use that will set you up for healthy sleep from the start. If you are a new or expecting parent, let me help support you

Complete Sleep

If your child has reach 6 months and is waking up frequently and struggling to find a sleep pattern. This package will help give you the best support to help your baby get the sleep that they need


If you have a simple question that you would like help with, such as moving home, travelling, nap transitions, developmental leaps, reducing night feeds. We can have a quick chat to get you on the right track.


Would you like to organise a group workshop for your antenatal or postnatal group? Make sure that you and your friends are on the best path to good sleep.

Gentle Sleep Tips

Early wake-ups

Why does my child consistently wake up before 6 am? Can I change this? Early rising is something that happens to many babies

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